Babies come with enough surprises -

don’t let relationship stress be one of them!

You know that having a baby will change everything.

Starting a family is a life-altering decision that can feel exhilarating and daunting all at the same time. Many times the transition from couple to family brings more questions than answers, leading to anxiety that can steal joy from the precious moments that should be celebrated instead.

You want to be prepared, but aren’t sure where to start.

As you embark on expanding your family, you have a wonderful opportunity to take inventory of your current relationship, prepping it appropriately and abundantly to more fully enjoy the transition into parenthood.

Ready Nest Counseling is here to help.

At Ready Nest counseling, you can ask the hard questions, find encouragement, and learn the tools you need to welcome new life into your home with less stress and more celebration. For couples in pre-conception through the first year post-partum, book an appointment today and discover more joy in your marriage as you prepare for parenthood.

meet emily PARDY

Emily Pardy, MMFT is the Founder of Ready Nest Counseling in Nashville, TN where she helps couples and individuals transition through the life stages of conception, pregnancy, postpartum, or infertility. She specializes in relational wellness and maternal mental health including postpartum and perinatal mood disorders. She also helps couples with fertility complications, and families adjusting to new relational dynamics throughout their family building experience.


Emily received her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Lipscomb University, is the author of For All Maternity. She is a speaker and educator, dedicated to bridging the gap in prenatal and mental healthcare. As a pre-licensed professional, Emily is a member of the American Association of Marriage & Family Therapists, Postpartum Support International, and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

"As a wife and mother, I’ve personally experienced the joys and challenges that life transitions can bring to various relationships. I founded Ready Nest Counseling to smooth the transition of this stressful season of life. As Nashville continues to grow, I want my community to thrive from the inside out. We are dedicated to help families feel supported through this complicated and emotional time in their life."

     –Emily Pardy



meet shelli tripp-norvell

Amy Green, LMSW, is a counselor and the Chief Operating Officer of Ready Nest Counseling.   She specializes in trauma informed care and maternal mental health, focusing on perinatal mood disorders and grief surrounding traumatic childbirth or infant loss. Amy has her Masters in Social Work and is also trained as a breath coach, postpartum doula, and Registered Yoga Teacher.


Amy meets with couples or individuals In-Home or at the Ready Nest Counseling office in Hillsboro Village. Amy provides comprehensive care through a combination of mind-body modalities and collaborates with the client to help them find empowerment and confidence in their season of life.

Everyone's story is unique and powerful. After experiencing two losses of my own, I have a deep sense of compassion for the ups and downs that exist within the journey to parenthood. Navigating pregnancy after loss isn't easy. Now, as I parent my 'rainbow baby' I am honored to help others grow from their own experiences."

     –Amy Green

Cathie Quillet, LMFT, is a Marriage and Family Therapist, who is passionate about helping couples navigate the treacherous waters of infertility, miscarriage and pregnancy loss, and reproductive trauma. Because infertile couples are three times more likely to divorce or separate, Cathie specializes in both individual coping skills as well as relationship enrichment, preparing couples to weather the storm regardless of when the clouds may part.


Cathie is the author of Not Pregnant: A Companion for the Emotional Journey of Infertility. She is also a speaker for women’s groups, marriage conferences, and professional agencies working to accommodate those suffering through infertility. Cathie is trained in Gottman therapy, a RESOLVE approved therapist, and a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

"Infertility is a life altering experience that is often so lonely. I personally and professionally understand the need to create and sustain support through this season of life. I consider it a complete honor to walk with couples through this sacred time, and I am truly excited to meet you."

     –Cathie Quillet

Shelli is inspired by storytelling. She believes everyone holds the power to rewrite a new story for themselves, as she helps individuals and couples connect experiences in their past to overcome struggles in their present. Shelli is also a writer and speaker, empowering and equipping others to discover their authenticity through a journey of hope, positivity, and strength.


Shelli is currently in the Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program at Trevecca Nazarene University.  She is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, American Counseling Association, and is a certified facilitator for PREPARE/ENRICH premarital counseling and marriage enrichment program.  In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, exercising, reading, painting, and being outdoors.


As a Counseling Intern, Shelli is able to offer a Reduced Rate and Sliding Scale upon request.

"I believe that every person has the basic need of being seen, heard, and truly known. I love helping individuals and couples find security in their attachments as they connect with their own experiences and learn how to change the narration of their life.

     –Shelli Tripp-Norvell."


  • Why choose Ready Nest Counseling?

    Ready Nest Counseling offers many exclusive benefits that make it different from any other therapeutic experience out there. Geared specifically for couples experiencing conception, pregnancy, post-partum, or infertility, each session is suited to prepare you for the unknown road ahead.


    While your medical doctors and healthcare providers care for your outer wellness, Ready Nest Counseling equips your relational health for the many transitions that come with this particular life phase. Did you know that 67% of couples experience a severe decline in relational satisfaction after having a baby?


    Ready Nest Counseling believes couples can turn the tide on this statistic, preventing conflict and helping couples thrive through a time that should be filled with more celebration than stress.


    Here are a few more reasons Ready Nest Counseling is different:


    • In-Home or In-Office Sessions, fitting your comfort level and schedule.


    • Access to the Five Family Factors assessment, exclusive to Ready Nest Counseling clients, evaluating your background and how it affects your future parenting style.


    • Receive customized analysis of your assessment results and learn what they mean for your marriage and family.


    • Gain understanding of your spouse’s feelings in your new or future role as parents.


    • Set your own priorities and pace, allowing for optimal time and effort spent in the topic of your choice.


    • Learn effective communication skills tailored to your marriage’s needs.


    • Ask vulnerable questions, with resources to help you beyond the session.


    • Find encouragement for your distinct journey, no matter how long or short it may be.


    • 10% of each session cost is donated directly to helping improve the lives of newborn babies – when you get help, you truly give help too

  • We’re a happy couple, why go to counseling?

    Ready Nest Counseling believes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Yes, many couples abide by the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy. Sometimes that works and you can coast until an issue comes along. But, if you were running a marathon and I handed you a map that provided detours for pitfalls, wouldn’t you take them? If you could avoid undue stress, anxiety, conflict, or hurt, wouldn’t it be worth the investment? Certainly.


    Ready Nest Counseling wants to help couples celebrate one of the greatest milestones of their relationship. Parenthood changes everything, including the feelings, worries, and emotions you feel within your marriage. Talking through your backgrounds, expectations, and concerns about the future can reinforce the commitment and strength your marriage already has, while equipping you with the tools and emotional skills you will need to make the most of what’s to come.


    The more connected you feel to your spouse at the moment, the more united you’ll become through this process. You will never look back and regret the time and effort you put into establishing a solid foundation for your family. Now is the perfect time to take a step towards making your happy marriage better than you ever imagined.

  • What if my spouse doesn’t want to come with me?

    Seeking preparation for a milestone that affects both individuals means that the “couple” is always the client, regardless of how many people attend sessions. It’s encouraged and recommended that both spouses attend as many sessions as possible, though there will naturally be moments when time is spent focused on each individual. Having both people at all sessions means spending less time “catching up” and more time progressing.


    If your spouse is unwilling to come with you, take heart. You are not alone, and you are not uncommon. Many times a spouse’s fears or concerns about coming to counseling are quickly dispelled by the end of the first session. This is why a Meet & Greet is a great option to start with.


    If your spouse remains hesitant, know that your commitment to your relational wellness is not dependent upon your partner, and you can absolutely gain understanding, communication skills, and a wealth of other tools that can help you obtain the goals you have for yourself and your marriage. Often, when only one spouse attends, the progress can be sensed by the other partner and trigger a desire to become part of the process.


    The truth is, healthy living is contagious! By taking a step towards living your best life and preparing for a new one, you inevitably change the way your relationship functions from now on. If your counseling consists only of you coming, progress can still be made. Still, it is optimal that both spouses attend as many sessions together as possible.

  • Do you accept insurance?

    No, but for very important reasons.


    Did you know that you must receive a mental health diagnosis in order for insurance to pay or reimburse for therapy? It’s true. Unfortunately, insurance companies aren’t concerned about marital satisfaction or relational wellness through a stressful time. Since they only focus on medical repercussions, they require a label that permanently diagnoses individuals, often unnecessarily and sometimes dishonestly. This leads to over-diagnosing clients and typically keeps them in therapy longer than they need to be.


    Ready Nest Counseling is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards, allowing you to keep your medical records private from insurance companies and therefore any employers or future benefit managers that have interest in your mental health history. By simply paying in full as needed, you maintain complete control and confidentiality of your sessions. Ready Nest Counseling conveniently accepts cash, check, or any major credit card.

  • Are sessions confidential?

    Ready Nest Counseling considers confidentiality one of the key components of the therapeutic relationship. Your stories, personal feelings, emotions, and histories are your privilege to share and completely yours to entrust within the confines of private sessions. If you are meeting in the office, please know that the utmost effort has gone into making the room secure and soundproof. If sessions are held within your own home, you can feel comfortable that you are in control of the environment around you.


    In the first session, you’ll be provided a written copy of Ready Nest Counseling’s confidentiality disclosure agreement. This agreement is called “Informed Consent” and clarifies the boundaries in which information is shared and kept confidential and will need to be signed by all parties. If, in the future, you decide you would want Ready Nest Counseling to disclose information or give an update on your behalf (such as to your healthcare provider, midwife, doula, OB-GYN, or other) you will need to sign a waiver, as by law Ready Nest Counseling cannot release any of your information without your written consent.


    There are four exceptions to the limitations of confidentiality, in accordance with Tennessee state law as well as professional ethics and guidelines:


    • If the counselor believes the client is at risk of hurting himself/herself or another person, the counselor may breach confidentiality to protect the client or parties in potential harm.


    • If the counselor suspects child or elder abuse in any form, Tennessee state law requires the counselor to report any relevant information to the proper authorities or the police in case of emergency.


    • If the counselor is subpoenaed for court the counselor may be required to disclose information relevant to the situation which may contain confidential information, though every effort will be given to uphold and protect the rights of the client and the client will be notified of the subpoena prior to disclosure.


    • Ready Nest Counseling operates under the license of a qualified AAMFT approved Supervisor, requiring clinical supervision hours by Tennessee state law. Confidentiality is therefore extended to the Supervisor only, allowing for consultation and may require breach of private information if in the best interest of the client. Every effort is made to protect the anonymity and privacy of every client, and confidential information is rarely necessary for this purpose.

  • How many sessions are typical?

    As the client, you have the right at any time to discontinue or terminate counseling. Each couple has a unique background, distinct goals, and varying availability. Significant progress can be made typically within 6-8 sessions, sometimes divided throughout relational phases (i.e. 2 during conception phase, 2 during pregnancy, 2 post-partum). Some couples see progress sooner, others prefer to tread slowly and deliberately if their journey is prolonged.


    Ready Nest Counseling is committed to providing tools and preparation to equip couples beyond sessions. It is not in your best interest to keep you longer than you need help, nor is it ethical practice for counseling to extend beyond the goals and needs of the client. Ready Nest Counseling hopes to empower you as a couple, helping you meet your relational goals and equipping you to do so long after sessions have ended.

  • What if I decide to cancel?

    Couples will be offered the full agreement of policies and procedures at the first session. As the client, you have the right at any time to discontinue or terminate counseling. Ready Nest Counseling requires 24 hour notice for all cancellations prior to the scheduled session. Failure to communicate prior to 24 hours will result in a charge of 50% of the scheduled session cost. No shows (failure to communicate at all regarding your absence) will result in a charge for the full session fee.


    Of course, Ready Nest Counseling understands that life happens! Sickness, accidents, and labor can be entirely unpredictable and sometimes 24 hours notice is impossible. Grace and compassion will be extended to those with extenuating circumstances, and expected in reciprocity for the counselor as well.


    No charge will ever be made without notifying the client first.


    No charge will ever be made when canceling due to inclement weather, as safety always comes first.

® Ready Nest Counseling, 2017

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